Beauty Care

Beauty Care

The largest organ in the body is the skin. The health of skin is the reflection of our overall well being. In order to gain confidence, beauty must be enhanced in all ways. Ayurveda has all types of beauty enhancements and there are many individuals who have got the right treatment for their dream skin type.

We Deal With


Acne can be due to sebaceous gland issues, oily skin or hormonal imbalances. We analyze the root cause and make sure your beauty is enhanced like never before.


Skin tanning is the fading of the skin colour due to sun exposure. We do treat to lighten the skin tone.

The texture of skin depends on the dosha that is constituted in the body. So, by balancing the dosha, one can achieve good health and skin. We have excellent treatment methods that care for your skin. Mukhalepam is an excellent herbal face pack, mukha abhyanga, nasyam, navara kizhi etc are the other treatment methods we practice besides internal medications that detoxify the body. These treatment methods improve skin complexion, skin tone and makes skin supple and smooth. Our specialists are well experienced in treating all types of acne and tanning issues. It is not just the topical medicines we have, but we make your skin glow right from inside.

Navara Facial

We perform Navara facials where the face is thoroughly messaged using medicated navara paste. Navara is a kind of rice and has a great effect in healing bad skin by removing dead cells. It is used in massaging the face. The benefits of using navara in massaging is due to its cleansing capacity and leaves skin glowing and soft. This is very beneficial in treating hyperpigmentation, tanning acne vulgaris, dull and poor skin.