Elderly Special

Elderly Special Services

Ageing is inevitable. It is a natural phenomenon and an intrinsic feature of life. As we age the body undergoes several physiological changes. Increasing age is associated with various illnesses including high blood pressure,diabetes, bone diseases, memory problems, etc. Ageing people also tend to show poor Mental Health which is of great concern. Disturbed Mental Health along with memory problems also increases risk of falls and inju- ries. Since ageing also reduces the strength of bone and makes them brittle, fractures at an old age are more difficult to treat.
Ayurvedic Classics believe that human body is meant to be shatayushi (live for 100 years) provided one follows the right daily regimens (Dinacharyas) that include Abhayanga (Ayurvedic Body Massage), Diet and exer- cise. Failure to follow a healthy lifestyle leads to development of lifestyle disorders, the risk of which increases with age.


Sessions Duration Original Price(AED) Offer Price(AED)
Abhyangam - 1 Day
Pathrapottali Swedam - 2 Days
Shirodhara - 3 Days
10 Days
Aschothanam - 3 Days
Karnapooranam - 1 Day