Why should you live with a headache when Ayurveda has a permanent cure? Whether sinusitis, migraine, tension headache, or cluster headache, we have the right treatment techniques that make you live healthily and happily.

Headache-like sinusitis is mainly due to the Kapha dosha and is correlated to Dushta Pratishyaya. Our experienced doctors help you fix sinusitis with a unique, specialized treatment that involves a combination of Panchakarma, herbal medications, diet, and lifestyle modification. 

We thoroughly analyze the body type the cause of headaches and prepare a treatment plan. Our specialists perform detoxification therapies to treat headaches based on their severity and predominance. The sinusitis treatment involves Nasya, a unique detoxification therapy to clear out the Kapha through nostrils.

Have you been suffering from migraine for many years? Migraine headaches may continue for several hours or days. The pulsating and throbbing pain becomes severe over time. Do not worry; we have the right treatment solution for you.

Our Role in Treating Headaches

Ayurveda doesn’t treat the disease directly. Instead, we treat the cause of the illness. We keep a thorough discussion with our doctor to explain your concerns. Then, based on the situation, the doctor prescribes the treatment procedure that includes therapies, medications, lifestyle, and diet plan. Our treatment plan for migraines includes Shirodhara, Panchkarma, and Nasya.

Shirodhara, which involves the usage of hot oil spraying over the forehead, helps relax the nerves and respiratory system. Panchakarma treatment in migraine is really powerful as it removes the poisons and strengthens the nervous system.

In addition to these treatments, Shiroabhyanga and Shirovasti help to normalize Vata in the body. Our experts have significant proven success records in treating patients with migraines. We analyze the cause of migraines by distinguishing the three types of doshas: Vata, pitta, and Kapha.

Our specialists can easily determine the predominant dosha of migraine and treat it without using any pain relievers.