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Is Panchakarma Treatment Effective?
best panchakarma treatment

Panchakarma is an ayurvedic treatment admired and believed on (delete on)from decades. It is an ancient practice of healing and rejuvenating, which guides an individual through the journey of discovery, cleansing and awakening of one’s healing energies and senses. In the modern world, people struggle to find time to enjoy the fresh air, chirping of birds, beauty of sunlight, and ayurveda is now in high demand to make people connect back to themselves. Ayurveda is practiced based on the principles to maintain harmony and balance within mind, body and spirit with a strategic habits, food, herbs and breathing habits. Ayur treat imbibes the power of nature to be the best ayurvedic wellness centre in Dubai. We acknowledge the essence and healing power of every natural elements and hence Ayur treat is the destination for every ayurveda treatments.

Panchakarma treatment is an ayurvedic way to procure a balanced mind, body and spirit. Panchakarma procedure has five steps as its name states. Panchakarma is derived from two sanskrit words, pancha and karma which means five and actions respectively. The five step deep procedures are aimed at detoxification of the human body and draws out the toxins accumulated over time due to poor habits, food choices, illness and environmental pollution. The ability of self healing of the body wears out due to several factors like poor diet, smoking, alcohol consumption and spending long hours at work. The body’s inability to maintain the right bodily functions can also be due to some diseases and genetic preconditions. And thereby, panchakarma treatment procedures focuses on the principle that body is inherently capable of healing itself and thus it works on removing toxins from the system on its own. At Ayur treat we have professional team to provide the best panchakarma treatment in Dubai to make sure you get the maximum out of it.

How panchakarma can help you?

Longevity of life with physical and mental health is the motive of ayurveda. Beyond healing and prevention, ayurveda embraces the rejuvenation of life with various methods of purification which will ensure that the body apart from healing, will also get ready for a fresh and enthusiastic start. Panchakarma treatment embrace procedures of purification to release stress from muscles to prepare the body tissues to accept maximum benefits of food, nutrition and exercises.

When your body starts accumulating ama or toxins, it needs to be removed for proper functioning of the body. There are symptoms to recognize that your body craves for panchakarma treatment and refresh itself. If you are experiencing tiredness, and laziness throughout the day, unexplained body pain, unclear mind, bad breath, thick layer coating on the tongue, frequent diarrhea or vomiting, uncontrollable food craving, improper sleep wake and food cycles etc. Ayur treat suggests to get yourself the best panchakarma treatment in Dubai. You can give your baby (body)a treat with panchakarma treatment once in a year, enabling your body and soul to sustain and nurture itself.

Benefits of panchakarma treatment

Panchakarma treatment is really effective which you can experience with an uplifted mental and physical state. There are five significant benefits of panchakarma treatment.

Detoxing the body and rejuvenating the mind

Panchakarma focuses on the purification of the body to eliminate the ama (toxins) and improve the digestive fire (agni). By restoring the body’s natural healing ability, it enables the better functioning of the body to fill both body and soul with positivity.

Balance body’s prakriti

When the vata, pittha, and kapha, the 3 prakritis are in balance, it can be states that your body is functioning good. Panchakarma trains the body to maintain their balance and improve immunity.

Improve sleep pattern and eating habits

The course of treatment established you to follow a healthy and balanced lifestyle with a balanced diet, yoga, meditation, proper sleep pattern etc to rejuvenate your overall health.

Eliminate stress

The treatment embraces social media detoxification which helps you to reconnect to yourself. The course of the treatment will help you to takeover peace and combat stress, while cleaning blocked channels to enable the natural flow of energy in the body.

Helps in weight loss

Panchakarma therapy is a proper and effective way for weight loss. The release of ama enables the removal of toxic weight, restore the natural ability of the body to maintain the ideal weight.

The best panchakarma treatment in Dubai at Ayur treat also aims to help in slowing down the aging process, enhance the digestive strength of digestive juices, restore the vitality of the body and improves mental clarity, strengthen the immune system and promote a sense of health and well being.


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