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Postpartum Massage in Dubai

Post-Delivery Massage in Dubai

Why is Post-Partum Massage Important?

Just gave birth to a lovely, cherubic baby? Looking for a post delivery massage near me? You have come to the right place because Ayur Treat specialises in postpartum massage Dubai services, and have been making new moms happy and healthy. So why do you need a postpartum massage? What benefit is it going to do?

The major advantage of postnatal care is that it helps in rejuvenating the overall health of the mother. It is to be noted that, equal importance and care should be given to the mother and child before birth and after birthas well. It is based on the postnatal care we offer, the health of the mother lies. In Ayurveda, normally the Postnatal care package is for 21  days.The detailed treatment techniques refresh the mind and soul of the mother.

Always remember that in Ayurveda it is said that, if the woman in the family is safe and protected, the family also remains safe.



Sessions Duration Original Price(AED) Offer Price(AED)
7 Days
Pathrapottali Swedam(Only for Lower Back)
Steam Bath
14 Days
Special Medicated Water Bath
21 Days
Tummy Bandage

You must have heard of some mothers going into postpartum depression. If you feel any such indication, then you must look for a post delivery massage near me. Not only would it make you feel better, you would be able to sleep faster too as it can help ease fatigue, promote relaxation, and improve the quality of your sleep

Post-delivery massage therapy Process and Procedure

We offer the best postpartum massage Dubai services for mothers. First, we make the environment relaxing and soothing, by infusing refreshing and calming scents and dimming the lights. We set the ambience in such a way that the mothers instantly feel comfortable and relaxed, and they would be ready to enjoy the session thoroughly. The massage therapy is usually done by the patient lying on their side, or in a seated position. You have to lie in the most comfortable position, so women prefer to lie on their tummy, but many women prefer not to do that because their breasts might be engorged or tender. The masseuse will choose the best massage technique based on what you prefer. It could be massage therapy with herbs extracted from the roots, barks and flowers of medicinal plants, or it could be a long classic massage where you have a kneading, shaking and tapping technique to generate a sense of well-being. The massages are intended to tighten and strengthen the stomach muscles, promote a flatter stomach and make your skin glowing and fresh.

The general practises we follow and advic

We are expert therapists and masseuses when you search for a post-delivery massage near me, so when you book an appointment with us, we will explain the general practices and treatment types that we follow for our massage techniques, so you can choose the type of massage we follow. We would also provide advice to young mothers on how to look after their body post birth, how to have a fruitful and happy breastfeeding session, how to sleep better, look after the health of the mother and baby, and how to take care of herself so she won’t be feeling overwhelmed.
Once you visit our centre you will be pleased to see the ambience we have created for your massage and therapy. We have licensed and expert therapists to help you nurse back to your old bouncing self.

Expert After Delivery Care Team

What a new mom needs right after delivery is the assurance that everything is going to go well. It is natural to feel overwhelmed because now you are responsible for a dependent, tiny life, but there is nothing to worry because we have experts guiding on the after delivery care. You can listen to their tips and follow the techniques they suggest to care for your baby and yourself. Our experts are highly experienced practitioners with years of experience behind them, so be assured that everything will go well, and you will not only have a healthy and sweet baby, but a healthy and happy you as well.

Why Ayur Treat

Ayur Treat is one of the best centres for post-delivery massage near me, and with our expert masseuses, you will be quickly nursed back to health, and we can ease your sore muscles, and make you feel relaxed. Through the right massage techniques, you can feel relaxed and calm, and even sleep better. It would help take care of your baby better. We customise our treatments according to your requirement, and with the best ambience and environment, we are always the first choice among mothers when they want to get a good massage.


Yes, Ayurvedic treatment can be very beneficial after delivery. It can help with recovery, healing, and improving overall health and well-being. If you are planning a post-delivery massage near me, then Ayur Treat is ready to serve you.

Postpartum massage is a massage therapy that is done after childbirth to help the body recover and heal. It can help with pain relief, relaxation, and reducing stress. Ayur Treat has skilled practitioners who can provide you with post-partum massage in Dubai at an amazing price.

Postpartum massage can be done once the mother is comfortable and ready. However, it’s best to consult with a healthcare provider before getting a postpartum massage.

Postpartum massage is not necessary, but it can be helpful for many mothers to aid in recovery and relaxation. If you want to get a post-partum massage in Dubai, then we at Ayur Treat are ready to assist you. We have skilled Ayurvedic doctors and a team who can provide you with postpartum massage.

Massage after delivery is important as it can help reduce stress, improve mood, increase milk production, and aid in healing and recovery.

The number of sessions for post-natal massage can vary depending on the individual’s needs and preferences. It can range from a few sessions to several weeks or months.

It’s generally recommended to wait at least 2-3 weeks after delivery before getting a massage. However, it’s important to consult with a healthcare provider before getting a massage to ensure it’s safe for the individual.