Pregnancy Massage

Best Pregnancy and Postnatal Massage Service at Home Dubai

Experts At Your Home for Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy is one of the most wonderful stages of life for a woman. It is also a time when she desires to be pampered to the fullest. The mother and the newborn will be content and healthy if you implement the food and lifestyle changes suggested by Ayurveda.

Pregnancy massage at home Dubai with utilizing medicinal oils is an excellent way for the mother to reduce any stress she may be experiencing. When done by expert therapists, the expectant mother can enjoy mental, physical, psychological and spiritual benefits of the massage.

And with expert massage services provided by Ayur Treat, you don’t have to step out of your home to enjoy the experience. The experts will visit your home once you have passed your first trimester, and will do the massage with less pressure on the abdomen. Our experts at massage will focus on the Vata, the nerve system’s energy. The massage will provide the Nourishment to the skin.

Is Pregnancy Massage Safe? Advice from best therapists from Ayur Treat

Massages are absolutely safe for women with low-risk pregnancies and when you have the experts from Ayur Treat massaging you, you can lie down completely relaxed, knowing you are in safe hands. And the best part is that we provide postnatal massage service at home. Feel the magic of their hands massaging each portion of your body as recommended, during your pregnancy days. If you have any sort of discomfort prior to the massage, that will ease away once the massage is done.

Our experts perform a light Abhyanga massage as part of the pregnancy massage at home Dubai. This is the gentle application of warm oil on the body and it can be done on a daily basis, with the right amount of pressure. Massage experts do not recommend or allow deep tissue massage deep tissue massage is contraindicated but hand massage is indicated.

Our experts at Ayur Treat have experience in massaging pregnant women, and they will instantly make you comfortable. They are perfect for postnatal massage service at home. They make sure that you are comfortable and that absolutely no pressure is applied on the abdomen or chest. We will also place a soft pillow and padding so your body will be completely at rest, in a side-lying position.


Sessions Duration Original Price(AED) Offer Price(AED)
7 Days
Pathrapottali Swedam(Only for Lower Back)
Steam Bath
14 Days
Special Medicated Water Bath
21 Days
Tummy Bandage

Advantage of getting Postnatal massage at home

Almost all women get a prenatal and post natal massage because they enjoy the multiple benefits of a properly done massage technique provided by the experts at Ayur Treat.

Our pregnancy massage at home Dubai services will increase the blood and oxygen to the muscles and these would aid in boosting your immunity and overall health. It would also help in your recovery during post pregnancy. A postnatal massage service at home from Ayur Treat will help relieve pain in the back, arms and shoulders. Some women complain of breast pain, and this can be relieved after a good massage in the shoulder and chest area. And the massage would definitely make you feel good and energetic, and sleep well.

This is because your body undergoes several changes during pregnancy and you need a good massage therapy to nurse it back and enjoy better health and recovery. Our experts will provide you with top tips on how to be comfortable and enjoy the benefits of our massage programs. With our massage techniques, you will not only feel good emotionally, but physically too – with the muscles relaxed, increased blood circulation and lowered stress hormones. In short, you will be better equipped to look after your baby with our postpartum massage programs

Safe Techniques and Precautions while massaging

The specialist masseurs will first meet with you to discuss the different massaging techniques so you will be aware of the different ways in which you can pamper yourself post pregnancy. This way you will also know what to expect from each massage session. All our masseurs are certified massage therapists who have received training beyond national standards for massage. You will be in the safe hands of our experts because they know what kind of massage to perform and what not, depending on what stage of pregnancy you are in.

For example, if you are in the second or third trimester of your pregnancy, you must not lie on your back during the massage. This could stress the veins that run from the legs to the heart. So our massage therapists would suggest that you lie sideways and they will support you with some comfy pregnancy pillows. Our massage therapists are experts at massaging the different parts of your body, namely the foot, back, scalp, shoulder and sometimes, the belly as well. Well, in the belly area, our masseurs will not apply any pressure, but lightly move their fingers around the area so you can be relaxed.

Why Ayur Treat for Pregnancy and postnatal massage

Our massage therapists for pregnancy massage at home Dubai have received training on the different types of pregnancy massage techniques. We know that your hormones will be at its peak during pregnancy and that they will plummet postpartum. We provide tailored prenatal and post natal massage at Ayur Treat, by understanding your body and how you need to be cared for. We will listen to your body first and to you, and then chart a massage plan that would drive away all the stress and discomfort. When the masseurs at Ayur Treat work their magic on your body, you will feel more energetic and alive.      

Get in touch with us to know more about our massage techniques, and everyday self-care tips that will bring cheer to your prenatal days – pain free and with better sleep.