Prenatal Package

Prenatal Package

Best pregnancy massages in Dubai

Ayurveda places an enormous emphasis on the importance of pregnancy care for the mother before, during and after pregnancy. Yoga and Ayurveda being the ancient scientific medicinal systems of the world, have a significant contribution in the field of human reproduction. Aim of pregnancy care by Ayurveda is to achieve proper growth of the foetus, uncomplicated pregnancy, and normal healthy delivery of foetus and wellbeing of both mother and baby. One of the most significant method of care is pregnancy massage Dubai

The management of physiology, psychology with medicinal and non-medicinal ways to have a healthy mother and deliver a healthy baby is called Antenatal or prenatal care. The management of pregnant ladies and pregnancy care according to modern science is based on the supervision of the physiology of the pregnancy.

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Special Abhyangam with Special Indicated Herbal Oil
7 Days

Here’s more about prenatal massage, and the benefits it has for your pregnancy.

What is Prenatal Massage and how is it different?

Moms-to-be enjoy going through prenatal massage Dubai because it has numerous benefits. Though the massage is almost similar to the regular, normal massages, the difference with this kind of massage would help to run away the strains and pains that happen during pregnancy. It would help calm the mind and body, and emotionally, you will feel exhilarated. Since mothers put on weight during the pregnancy stage, it is important to take care of the body during the pregnancy stages so you can have a smooth and easy delivery when it’s your time.

You can start with the prenatal massages after the first trimester because massaging the first three months is not advisable. It is always important to work with a licensed and certified massage therapist because applying the right pressure at the different points is so important to you and your baby’s health.

When to Do Pregnancy Massage Dubai

As mentioned, you can start getting prenatal massages any time after the first trimester. You can avail the facilities of the therapist after the pregnancy too to help you with aches, to help you sleep better and to promote that general feeling of well-being. However, it would be good to avoid massages if you experience vomiting, nausea, morning sickness etc. Or if the doctor has warned of a miscarriage risk. If you have a high-risk pregnancy, it would be best to avoid the massage.

How to do Pregnancy Massage

The pregnancy massage Dubai therapist must be trained, and ideally with several hours of advanced training experience. This way you and the baby are in safe hands. The therapist must avoid applying pressure at certain points because that could be pretty uncomfortable. The massage would help relieve the pressure that you would feel on your back, neck, shoulders and abdominal muscles.

You will be asked to lie on a table, and you will be covered with towels to protect your privacy. Then the therapist would use oils to massage your body, and you can lie comfortably with pillows supported by your side. They would advise you not to lie on your back as that could hinder the veins that run from the legs to the heart.

Pregnancy Massage Benefits

With pregnancy massage Dubai, you can help stimulate more energy into your body parts, increase joint mobility and enjoy more muscle flexibility. It can also help relieve the pain you might feel on certain body parts, improve sleep, calms you down and generally relaxes you. If you experience backspin during pregnancy, a 30 minute massage session can help relieve the pain. If you have swollen feet during pregnancy, that would also help alleviate the swelling a great deal. Massages can also help regulate hormones. If you have been particularly low with emotions, you can elevate your feelings by having a good massage. It would also be a good answer to the post partum depression that many women feel after their pregnancy.

Pregnancy Massage: Safe Techniques

The pregnancy massage has many benefits, but it is important that you visit a trained and certified therapist so the massage would be done in a safe manner. A correctly performed massage can elevate your spirits, make you sleep well, generate a feeling of wellness and make you relaxed and happy. In order to ensure that your therapy is safe, you have to be aware of your body too and inform the therapist when you feel any discomfort or pain anywhere in the body. Since pregnant women have a chance of developing blood clots during pregnancy, it is important that the therapist should be experienced and qualified enough to identify the symptoms, especially when you have varicose veins.


Pregnancy massage should be performed by a licensed massage therapist who has training and experience in prenatal massage. The massage should be done in a comfortable position, usually lying on your side, with appropriate support for your belly, back, and legs. Pressure should be light to moderate, avoiding deep tissue massage or any areas of discomfort. The therapist should avoid certain pressure points, including the ankles and wrists, as they can stimulate uterine contractions. If you are looking for a pregnancy massage in Dubai, we at Ayur Treat are here to assist you.

Avoid using deep-seated fabrics, hot stones, or any other technique that could raise body temperature or cause discomfort while massaging a pregnant woman. It’s also vital to avoid any add pressure, especially in the first quarter. Additionally, some pressure points like ankles and wrists must be avoided.

During a pregnancy massage, you will feel a relaxing experience that promotes both physical and emotional well-being. The masseuse will focus on areas that are particularly affected by a pregnancy, such as the lower back, hips, and legs. The massaging technique may help to reduce tension, lessen pain, and improve circulation. The therapist will use sensitive techniques like Swedish massage and provide supplementary support in the form of pillows and bolsters. Are you thinking of undergoing a pregnancy massage in Dubai? Feel free to contact Ayur Treat. Our experts will recommend you the best massage during pregnancy.

Ayurvedic Panchakarma is a deep cleansing and rejuvenating therapy that includes specialized massages, herbal remedies, and dietary adjustments. For pregnant women, it is typically not advised because it may be too intense and stress the body. Before pursuing any therapies while pregnant, it’s crucial to speak with an Ayurvedic doctor who focuses on prenatal care.

Pregnancy massage has several benefits, including:

  • Relief of muscle tension and stress
  • Reduced swelling and joint pain
  • Improved circulation and lymphatic drainage
  • Enhanced mood and relaxation
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Reduced symptoms of depression and anxiety

Pregnancy massage is generally safe and beneficial, as long as it is performed by a qualified massage therapist who has experience with prenatal care. However, there are certain risks associated with massage during pregnancy, such as premature labor, blood clots, and injury to the fetus. It is important to inform the massage therapist about your pregnancy and any health conditions you may have.

Since pregnancy massage is created expressly to meet the needs of pregnant women, it differs from a normal massage. Using safe and suitable techniques, the massage therapist will avoid particular pressure areas and add extra support with cushions and bolsters. The lower back, hips, and legs may be the focus of the massage in addition to other parts of the body that are particularly affected by pregnancy.

In Ayurveda, several natural remedies are available that may help increase milk production after delivery, such as:

  • Drinking warm milk with ghee and turmeric
  • Eating fenugreek seeds or leaves
  • Drinking fennel or cumin tea
  • Massaging the breasts with warm sesame oil
  • Eating nourishing foods, such as lentils, almonds, and whole grains
  • Practicing relaxation techniques, such as deep breathing and meditation

It is important to consult with an Ayurvedic practitioner who specializes in postpartum care before using any remedies or supplements.