Renal Diseases

Renal Diseases Treatment

Renal system is the filter in our body and any loss of function loss to the renal system for months will result in chronic kidney disease. The early symptoms of chronic kidney failure are loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, swollen feet and ankles, disturbed sleep, elevated blood pressure etc. According to Ayurveda, all sorts of issues to the renal system come under mutra vaha srotas vikar. The food that we take is divided into Sara Bhag and Kitta Bhag which form the nutritive elements and waste elements respectively. The former part meets the bodily requirements and converts into further elements or dhatus. The part which is responsible for the excretion and urine elimination is Vyana vata. Thus, our experts at Ayurtreat plan treatment for chronic kidney failure by considering these two Vayu. The toxins that are accumulated due to a poor digestive tract will be formed in srotas and it leads to obstruction and paves way for chronic kidney disease.

Causes of Chronic Kidney failure

Ayurveda treatment plan aims for herbal medicine for kidney rejuvenation to function properly so that there won’t be any requirement of dialysis.  Appropriate diet is recommended for the easy functioning of kidneys and to eliminate waste from the body. Simple diet must be followed by each patient to maintain the essential nutrients and to keep up the balance of the body. This helps the kidneys to recover from the imbalance state.  Our doctors are well versed in Yoga practices. It is believed that second body chakra is associated with the kidneys. Thus it is important to do moderate yoga practices for a good blood flow to kidneys for a quick repair. A healthy mind with positive thoughts is quite important for the functioning of any body organs.

Panchakarma Therapy : We are specialists in classical Panchakarma therapy to yield good results in kidney disorders.