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What Are The Benefits of Abhyanga Massage?
abhyanga massage dubai

When it is time for a full body massage, you have to opt for something as beneficial and refreshing as the Abhyanga massage Dubai. In this article, we will examine the benefits of this kind of massage, and how visiting an Ayurvedic wellness centre Dubai will take you through the wonderful benefits of Abhyanga massage. It is one of the most popular treatment methods that aims to use the technique of hot oil massage to heal the entire body.

Abhyanga massage Dubai is an integral part of Ayurvedic treatment, a system of medicine that originated in India more than thousands of years ago, during the Vedic times. Whatever Ayurvedic treatment that you do, it is imperative to get it done at a credible Ayurvedic wellness centre Dubai, because experience and proper knowledge are a must.

How Abhyanga massage Dubai can help heal you

Since Abhyanga massage Dubai is all about applying pressure over the main pressure points all over the body, the circulation gets going.

Here are the benefits of Abhyanga massage:

Detoxing the body

Through Abhyanga massage Dubai, you can help detox the body with slightly warmed, herbalised oil. The oil massage is done right from the scalp area to the toes in a rhythmic manner, and in the body’s natural lymphatic circulation flow.

You get customised massage

The masseur at Ayurvedic wellness centre Dubai gives you a customised treatment because the types of oils used and the composition of oil and herbs will all depend on the person’s body constitution and ailments, if any.

After the massage, you can go for a steam bath to detoxify the body of all the impurities that the herbs and oils loosened up from within. Showering after the steam bath is entirely optional. You can leave the oil if you so wish, and this would help absorb it to the skin.

Reduce muscle stiffness

With Abhyanga massage Dubai, you can heal all those muscle sores, increase flexibility along the joints and loosen up those shortened, tight muscles.

Good for hair growth

If you are a little worried about hair loss, an Abhyanga massage Dubai can not only massage through hair roots and the scalp, it can also promote blood circulation in those areas, thereby promoting hair growth.

Better, deeper sleep

If stress and anxiety are robbing you off your rightful sleep hours, try this massage. It would definitely help relax the muscles, thereby aiding in a better sleep routine.

Better vision

With Abhyanga massage, the muscles around the eyes will be stimulated, and this in turn enhances your vision. Apart from improving your vision, the massage can increase your energy levels, boost alertness, delay ageing and improve physical strength. It can tone, sculpt and lift the skin, giving it an overall youthful appearance. Abhyanga massage can be done on a daily basis and with it comes a sense of calmness and happy vibe.


Abhyanga massage Dubai is not just a therapy, it is a marma therapy (vital points of the body) where gentle pressure is applied along the body to stimulate the Prana energy (life force). If you feel stressed in life, and are looking forward to indulging in a massage therapy, visit a registered Ayurvedic wellness centre Dubai and feel, enjoy and see the difference.


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