About Ayur Treat

Rejuvenate Your Mind and Soul in the Best Ayurvedic Centre in Dubai

Now you don’t have to wander in google searching for the “best ayurvedic clinics near me”. Ayur Treat, the best ayurvedic centre in Dubai, is a renowned traditional ayurveda rejuvenation centre that aims at giving you the best rejuvenation and spiritual treatment. 

Our goal is to satisfy the physical, mental and spiritual requirements of our patients with solely Ayurveda in its divine and serene form. Ayurvedic treatments are among of the oldest and most potent holistic health care systems in the world, having been created more than 5,000 years ago in India.

Kizhi Ayurveda Massage with Herbal Pads

Why We Are Special?

Ayur Treat Ayurveda Clinic provides specialist ayurveda massages in the UAE using the most advantageous ayurvedic medicines and massage techniques. Thanks to its staff of highly qualified and experienced professionals for their excellency in managing wide range of diseases with their magical hands.

Our ayurvedic treatments are based on identifying the source of your illnesses and treating it. Our services ranges from preventive dimensions like fitness regimes, dietary plans, internal cleansing/detoxification to curative aspect such as disease oriented treatment methodologies. We will work with you to change your lifestyle choices so that you can have experiences that are genuinely joyful, gratifying, and healthy.

Why Choose Our Service?

  • In-depth Knowledge

In-depth knowledge of Ayurvedic medicine in both preventive and curative aspect

  • Customized Diet and Lifestyle Plans

Personalized food and lifestyle plan created with medical attention to work in conjunction with medications for the best possible disease treatment.

  • Personalized Treatment and Medicines

We provide you individualized care using authentic Ayurvedic postulates in its simplified and patient friendly way.

  • Holistic Wellness

By nurturing the soul, we think we are pioneers in bringing health and happiness from inside. By focusing on an individual’s wellness of mind, body, and soul, the goals are intended to revive the body’s intrinsic intelligence.

Our Mission:

To provide the best possible medical care and to continue being the best ayurvedic center in Dubai, with a focus on high-quality Ayurvedic medical care.


Our Happy Clients

I met Dr. Geeta few weeks back for my chronic neck and shoulder ailment and her treatment was so effective and she was very considerate towards me and gave me great confidence and her words symbolised that, ayurtreat is one of the top tier ayurveda clinics in UAE and is cost-effective and the staff was very well experienced, the main highlight of this clinic is Dr. Geeta's very sincere approach to her patients

Simiullas Das

Well maintained new ayurveda clinic facility in DSO. Thanks to Dr. Geetha and Therapist Ajay for the professional service and quality treatment for my back-pain. Highly recommend 👍👍👍

Anil V

I went there with a shoulder pain. After getting a consultation with dr Geeta she recommended me to go through a plan. I walked out after 7 days of treatment with the professional therapist I feel more relaxed and being back to game.

Anuraj Balachandran

I am extremely happy with all the services from this newly opened Ayur Treat Ayurvedic Clinic. The staff are well trained, attentive and the facilities are clean and well maintained. Dr Geetha Sadanandan is very professional and excellent in my treatments. I highly recommend this clinic and their amazing services!

Summiya Chippa

First experience on ayurveda therapy, very satisfied, staff friendly and professional, doctor top and clinic very clean.

Lies Chebbi

I was in a dark place in life with a young child and trouble standing and walking due extreme pain in my knee. Was advised dead end as op cannot be done due weight. Followed a lead to Dr Geeta who brushed away my fears and helplessness instantly. She was so confident and reassuring while keeping it real. Today having completed the treatment the pain has almost vanished and while management is required am back to normal functioning. Dr Geeta is an angel, knowledgeable, sincere, proactive and even follows up post treatment. It starts with the positivity she radiates to the dedicated and caring staff to the actual treatment itself. Full marks to cleanliness and good vibes at the centre too. Highly reccomended for a new zeal to life.

Anisha Narang

Dr.Geetha was knowledgeable, sensitive,informative and terrific.I immediately felt at ease and felt confident in me receiving expert ayurvedic care.Staff was great too.Walked away, very impressed with the overall experience.Highly recommend.

Vimarshana Peireis

Excellent Treatment .The staff are well trained and also good behaviour.

Prasad Thekkepat

It was a great positive experience at Ayur treat. Thanks to Dr. Geeta for the accurate diagnostics and a special thanks to therapist Thyagu.Got relief from my shoulder pain which was persisting for more than an year in 11 days treatment. Also the other body parts having pain also got cleared. A positive vibe just at entering the clinic, Appreciate reception and admin staff for maintaining good customer care, adopting to the change in timing for session. Wish all the best for growth of Ayur Treat and i am sure all the patients will get a good care.

Hari Shet

Had an wonderful full body traditional Kerala Ayurvedic Massage last week... It was amazing.... Doctors and staffs of Ayur treat was so supportive to explain each and every points of treatment and its procedures.. I highly recommend it.... Best wishes to Team Ayur treat.

Sreyas Thottarath

Im greatly thankful to Dr Geeta for her accurate diagnosis and care. Her sweet comforting advise and readiness to listen always is beyond words. I had massive swelling on my shoulder along with unbearable pain on my elbow which I had from past a month, but now it is so evidently improved that I feel so much better. Cant stop without saying the wonderful effort and focused care by therapist Ansu who genuinely cared to make feel better with her calming therapy sessions. Ayur treat has very good ambience and even the treatment room is maintained in cleanliness and with hygiene. All the staffs are so courteous that you feel like you’re in right place. I would recommend anyone who wants to go for a standard Ayurvedic treatment and care.

Jessly Joseph

I had sinus issue and took the treatment from Ayur treat. It was 9 days section and I feel a big relief after the treatment. Dr Geetha explained me the issues correctly and suggested nasyam. Thyagu was the therapist who did nasyam for me and he is very good person and was very friendly to me. I would like to give 5* for Doctor, staffs, and the facility. Thanks.

Pristy John

Dr Geetha is a magical doctor. With her expertise and friendly approach she first built confidence in me that I can cure my body. Finally along with medications she helped me cure my illness with great outcome in a very short period of time. I would recommend her if you would like to have a holistic and natural treatment for your health issues.

Asma Hussain


Ayur Treat is one of the top ayurvedic center in Dubai. Our degree of excellence and attention to detail given to each and every visitor to the facility sets us from the rest. If you are looking for “ayurvedic clinics near me”, you will find us at the top of the list. We offer an unmatched selection of services and cutting-edge Ayurvedic methods for identifying and treating illnesses.

No. At Ayur Treat don’t treat you like a patient, we treat you like a friend and family. The ambience of Ayur Treat is soothing and calming that will help you heal faster. We provide customized plans that will make you feel motivated and relaxed.

Ayur Treat specializes in balancing the doshas such as Vatha, Pitta, and Kapha using Panchakarma cleansing methods. Our massages are conducted based on your wellness package and treatment package.

We have Ayurvedic doctors and skilled Ayurvedic professionals who will work with you to provide you with the necessary treatment for your health.

Sesame oil is one of the top massage oils in Ayurveda. It not only helps in skin rejuvenation but also absorbs well and lubricates the joints. We also use herbal oils that have been prepared by us using various herbs.

Ayur Treat Ayurveda Clinic offers you comprehensive treatment and therapy for all kinds of ailments and diseases. Our treatment plan is conducted in several stages such as Oil Therapy, Kizhi, Rejuvenation Therapy, Netra Tharpanam, Elakizhi, and much more. This is what makes us one of the top ayurvedic center in Dubai. We also provide wellness packages and our specialties include Panchakarma, Rejuvenation packages, Slimming, Destressing, etc. There is one for everyone.


Medical Ayurvedic treatment packages include Abhyangam, Chavitt Uzhichil, Shirodhara, Thakradhara, Podikizhi, and much more. We prepare customized ayurvedic programs based on your medical history and health that will work wonders on your body.