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Ayurtreat offers full range Ayurveda treatment for all ailments. Our Specialised doctors are capable of bringing back your good health.

Ayur Treat Ayurveda Clinic, specialists centre for ayurvedic medicine in Dubai offers comprehensive treatment and therapy for all types of ailments and diseases. Some of the treatments provided by us in ayurvedic medicine in Dubai include therapy and treatment for lifestyle disorders, respiratory disease, pain management, renal diseases and so on. Ayurvedic medicine is one of the oldest forms of traditional medical system in the world. Time tested remedies with proven results are offered by Ayurvedic medicine. The root cause of diseases and ailments are identified in Ayurveda before administering any treatment process.

Ayurveda aims at the physical as well as mental well being of individuals. We have a qualified team of professionals who are experts in all kinds of ayurvedic treatments. Personalised diagnosis and treatment is provided by us. Once consultation and diagnosis is done a treatment plan is developed by our professionals, as per the requirement of the person. The treatment plan is usually carried out in several stages with varied methods like Oil Therapy, Kizhi, Rejuvenation Therapy, Netra Tharpanam, Elakizhi and many more.

Our treatment plans of ayurvedic medicine in Dubai strive towards striking the perfect balance between body and mind. Our treatment plans not only cures but also prevents the occurrence of various diseases. Our high success rate is the proof of our excellent and efficient service.

Pain Management

Back Pain, neck pain, knee pain or any body pain affects lifestyle, career, interest, social interactions and even personal life. Surgery helps to remove temporary pain but it may affect your movement sometimes.

Skin Treatments in Ayurveda

Skin Diseases

Do you know which is the biggest organ in the body? It is the skin. Skin has seven layers and extends to the inner levels of the body. Thus, a skin disease that causes a body will be rooted deep inside. So, the treatment also requires such penetrative capacities.

Headache treatments in Ayurveda


Do you know which is the biggest organ in the body? It is the skin. Skin has seven layers and extends to the inner levels of the body. Thus, a skin disease that causes a body will be rooted deep inside.

Lifestyle Disorders

Majority of the health issues are related to poor lifestyle. But once these diseases come up, the cure is a bit challenging but Ayurveda can ensure a complete cure through proper treatment methods.

Respiratory Diseases

Ayurveda always aims at analyzing the root cause of the problem instead of simply treating. This is true in the case of respiratory and breathing disorders, and liver diseases as well.

Kidney diseases

Renal Diseases

Renal system is the filter in our body and any loss of function loss to the renal system for months will result in chronic kidney disease.

Women treatments in Ayurveda

Womens' Health

Women issues are really worrisome to everyone. Missed periods,irregular ones, abdominal cramps are very common and there is no way to escape from these every month.

treatments in Ayurveda

Hair Care

Hair condition has much more to say about your internal health. Therefore, external care alone is not sufficient to make your hair shiny and healthy.

Beauty care in Ayurveda

Beauty Care

The largest organ in the body is the skin. The health of skin is the reflection of our overall well being. In order to gain confidence, beauty must be enhanced in all ways.Ayurveda has all types of beauty enhancements.There are many individuals who have got the right treatment for their dream skin type.


This is an ayurvedic treatment for the medical condition dealing with organs of the head above the shoulders like eye, ears, nose, lips, throat, teeth, skull, central nervous system and brain. Shalakyatantra treats netra rogas, nasarogas, karna rogas, mukha rogas, and shiro rogas.


Ayurveda treatments are effective for stress management with relaxation techniques like sunidra to relieve the body from stress piled up over the years, and raise the ojas (energy) level of the body by maintaining hormonal balance and improving blood circulation. With proper diet, yoga and ayurvedic treatmenrs such as swedana, abyanga, pizixhil, shirodhara etc. you can enjoy relaxation.

Paediatric in Ayurveda


It is a pediatric ayurveda treatment that deals with neonatal care, infant feeding, diet for the new born, daily and seasonal regimes. It is effective to treat diseases and disorders relating to children, immunization etc. balaroga is highly recommended for child health care, treatment for cerebral palsy, autism, muscular dystrophy, delayed milestones, hyperactivity disprder, gastro intestinal diseases, kasa and general health.

Alopecia Areata

Alopecia areata is a medical condition that causes rapid and frequently unpredictable hair loss in particular areas of the scalp or body.


Ayurvedic herbal supplements are supportive systems and not a cure. They will benefit your health when taken in conjunction with proper diet and lifestyle changes.


Ayurveda is extremely safe for your health. If you are taking any prescription medication for any health condition, consult your health practitioner first. We at Ayur Treat are the top ayurvedic medicine clinic in Dubai.

As mentioned above, ayurvedic medicine is very much effective. However, you need to follow change your lifestyle which can benefit you enormously.

Ayurvedic medicine may have certain side effects due to the herbal composition. They are, however, general side effects and will fade away. However, if you are taking it with any prescription medication or any contradictory medicine, consult your medical practitioner first.

Yes, we at Ayur Treat have the best Ayurveda doctors in Dubai who are qualified and trained to provide Ayurvedic therapies, including massage, herbal treatments, and dietary and lifestyle recommendations. One of our best Ayurvedic doctors in Dubai is Dr. Geetha Sadanandan who has years of experience as an Ayurvedic doctor.