we provide Ayurveda services as a form of anti-stress therapy. The primary purpose of anti stress treatment is to help people appreciate and respect their body and mind and its limitations. Learning to control our reaction to stressors and calmly deal with situations requires a still mind and a healthy body, our Ayurveda treatments help patrons achieve it.

Our anti-stress remedies focus on the holistic health of both body and mind. Ayurvedic treat- ment for stress deals with physical health issues that can affect the mind, and mental health problems are reflected in your body as well. Conditions such as Asthma, Diabetes, Bronchitis or other constant stressors or chronic conditions are brought under control through lifestyle changes to help reduce stress caused due to these afflictions.



Sessions Duration Original Price(AED) Offer Price(AED)
2 days Abhyangam with Thalam
6 Days
3 days Shirodhara ,Virechanam