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The Ultimate Guide To Ayurvedic Medicine: How It Can Help Improve Your Health + Happiness

Ayurveda is one of the oldest medical practices which have its root in India. Developed in India, today Ayurvedic medicine and treatments are used across the world for its numerous benefits and advantages. Ayurveda promotes the overall harmony of mind, body and spirit. It aims to bring balance in life. The balance not only helps to keep various ailments away but also keeps you happy and contented. Imbalance can occur due to climate change, seasonal change, stress, injuries etc.

In Ayurveda not only treatments are administered but also it focuses on the prevention of diseases and ailments. Ayurveda comprises of medicines made of herbs, plant extracts, oils and so on. Natural substances are utilized in Ayurveda and healthy lifestyle habits are advised. Nutrition and proper exercises are also recommended along with the treatments. While looking for professional ayurvedic wellness centre Dubai, you have to consider whether they are established, experienced and genuine. Ayur treat Ayurveda Clinic, the number one clinic for ayurvedic medicine in Dubai offers effective and efficient therapies and treatments. The best ayurvedic massage in Dubai is provided at our centre for various diseases/ailments.

Three classifications of people and body types is put forward by Ayurveda on the basis of five elements space (ether), air, fire, water, and earth. The five elements combine to form three life forces known as doshas. They are:

  • Pitta (Fire and Water)
  • Kapha (Earth and Water)
  • Vata (Air and Ether)

According to Ayurveda each individual have distinctive mix of the doshas and the health of the person depends on the balance of these doshas. The treatments and therapies administered are different and unique for each individual. It is done on the basis of the body type.

Vata Dosha

Considered to be the most powerful of the three, it is believed to control the body functions like division of cells, breathing, blood flow and the control of the mind. Sleeping late, improper food habits, fear, grief and so on can affect it. If Doshas get vitiated, it leads to skin diseases, anxiety, stress, etc.

Pitta Dosha

It is believed to control metabolism and digestion. Exposure to sun for a long time and eating food that are sour and spicy can affect it and cause infections, high blood pressure, heart disease etc.

Kapha Dosha

Considered to control stability, immune system, muscles, weight etc disruption in kapha dosha can occur by the intake of more sugar and salt and also by sleeping during the day. It can lead to diabetes, obesity, asthma etc.

At Ayur Treat Ayurveda Clinic, the best ayurvedic wellness centre Dubai personalised treatment and therapy are designed for each individual. According to the body type, psychological condition and the life force, treatment plans and therapies are carried out thereby curing the ailments and diseases and bringing a balance in the life. Panchakarma is done as part of cleansing and to bring a harmony into the individual’s life. We guarantee to provide comprehensive ayurvedic medicine in Dubai and the best ayurvedic massage in Dubai. We offer top rated service of ayurvedic medicine in Dubai.


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