Panchakarma Treatment In Dubai, UAE

Panchakarma in Dubai is an integral treatment in ancient Ayurveda, and the purpose of this lubricating herbal oil treatment is to cleanse the body of accumulated waste. The term Panchakarma, is self-explanatory, denoting Five Actions where the body’s five fundamental factors are facilitated. The Five Actions are Vaman (vomiting) Virechan (purgation) Basti (enema) Nasya (nasal application) Rakthamoksha (blood purification).

Based on original Ayurveda principles, the body becomes nourished and healed. Panchakarma treatment In Dubai cleanses the mind, body and spirit and treats the three doshas or tridoshas – Vata, Pitta and Kapha. The balance of these three elements is very important to the health of an individual. Panchakarma in Dubai is done based on a person’s health and body constitution. It is not a one-treatment-that-fits-all kind of program; it has to be customised to get maximum results.

How the Panchakarma Treatment Process

Panchakarma in Dubai is done by preparing the body to accept the treatments and by applying herbal oils all over the body as part of the internal cleansing. There are three pre-purification measures applied by the Ayurveda clinics for this. They are Deepana-Pachana, Snehana and Swedana. Through these methods, oral administrations of digestive herbs are ingested by the patient to trigger the digestive fire (Agni) within the body. 

In Snehana treatment, oleation of the body is done – both internal oleation  and external oleation. Both these treatments together aim to bring the toxins in the gastrointestinal tract, nourishes the nervous system and softens the deep tissues. In Swedana, you have something like a steam bath where the person is made to sit in a chamber filled with herbal decoctions or filled with herbal steam. This is also a method where the toxins are eliminated from the body, through tiny pores in the skin. 

Then comes the stage 2 of the treatment. In this, the Pradhana Karma, we have 5 main Panchakarma therapies or the 5 purification techniques. Each of these purification techniques would provide a cure or relief for a number of conditions like chronic asthma, digestive disorders, gynaecological disorders, allergies, skin diseases, chronic fever, degenerative diseases, skin diseases, lumbar spondylitis, and a number of other conditions. These purification techniques would help treat Kapha dominant disease, Pitta dominated diseases and so on. 

In the stage 3 of the Panchakarma in Dubai program, you have Paschat Karma where post purification treatment is done to bring normalcy to the body and to restore the digestive powers.

How do Panchakarma treatment in Dubai help you

Ideally, these treatments are perfect for people in the age group of 18-70. The complete Panchakarma treatment needs 21 days,or as per the strength of the patient and the strength of the disease and ideally at the onset of each season change. So you can take the treatment 2-3 times a year. 

Post Panchakarma treatment, you will have to continue to consume the herbal syrups and herbal tonics. So you will have to watch your diet to ensure the herbal remedies work. Other than that, there is nothing else you ought to do, so you can continue your normal activities. 

Why Choose Ayurtreat

At Ayur Treat, you can enjoy the best treatment packages prepared by expert doctors and masseurs. We use only clinically proven strategies and original herbal remedies to cleanse your body and treat whatever ailments or conditions you have. We have the perfect environment for Panchakarma In Dubai, and you will love the calm, peaceful and soothing ambience that we have arranged for you.

If you are looking to improve your health and fitness, we are the right place for you. Our profound healing techniques and intuitive care that we give to our patients have made us the favourite among all centres. We have legendary Ayurveda physicians treating you and they focus on customising the timeless revered healing modalities to suit your body constitution.

Effective and efficient panchakarma treatment in Dubai is provided by us. You no longer need to go far and wide searching for panchakarma treatment in Dubai. Contact us today!

Panchakarma Treatment includes:

Oleation is the utilization of oil or sleek substance for the body. Ayurveda offers various oils produced using different local and mineral fixings generally for external use. Beside oils and ghee used particularly for inside application. The greasy substance goes similarly to a viable medium, sorts out some way to accomplish the more significant tissues, helps in conveying the restorative fixings of each cell of the body and relax poisons trapped in the cells.

The Treatments that produce sweat are called fomentation medicines. Oleation medicines are followed by the fomentation medicines. The tissues made fragile by oleation medicines become more adaptable by fomentation treatments. Significant laid out poisons loose by oleation dissolve as a result of fomentation treatment and assist it with flushing out of the body.

Advantages of Panchakarma


Panchakarma in Dubai is an integral treatment in ancient Ayurveda, and the purpose of this lubricating herbal oil treatment is to cleanse the body of accumulated waste. The term Panchakarma, is self-explanatory, denoting Five Actions where the body’s five fundamental factors are facilitated. The Five Actions are Vaman (vomiting) Virechan (purgation) Basti (enema) Nasya (nasal application) Rakthamoksha (blood purification).

Panchakarma works best with the use of herbal oils that aids in wiping out the poisons from the human body.

Effective and efficient panchakarma treatment in Dubai is provided by us. You no longer need to go far and wide searching for panchakarma treatment in Dubai. Contact us today!

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Abhyangam is application of oil all over the body that helps for good health forever. It helps in relaxing and refreshing the body as it uses herbal oils for your emotional, physical and mental well being to balance all doshas. It also helps in toxin removal of toxins to the gastrointestinal tract.


A treatment that pours medicated oil, buttermilk or milk on the forehead for fatigue, premature graying, headache, pricking palm or sole pain, diabetes neuropathy, ENT ailments, insanity, improving the power of sense organs etc.


A very effective treatment like shirodhara, which uses milk that pours on the forehead. It helps in relieving migraine and other pitta doshas. It helps in improving skin rejuvenation, sensory function and relieves stress and fatigue. 


Elakizhi means usage of leaves in bolus. It is quite effective in joints, bones and the nervous system. The treatment helps to improve blood circulation, skin complexion, muscle strength, reduces body pain, anti-aging etc. 


Podikizhi is the treatment to relieve spasm and muscle stiffness. It helps from joint pain and also gives strength to the spinal cord. This is one of the recommended treatments for arthritis and rheumatic fever.

Dhanyamla Kizhi

It is also known as Avikizhi in which a medicated paste consisting of herbal products is applied on a scalp. It is best for diseases like insomnia, dandruff, headache, migraines, psychiatric ailments etc.

Dhanyamla dhara

Dhanyamla dhara or special dhara is effective in treating ailments like metabolic disorders that create toxins in the body, rheumatoid arthritis, vata-kapha disorders etc.


This is a special deep tissue massaging treatment that uses herbal powders. It involves upward stroking of powder. This is apt for the treatments like detoxification, skin toning, purification, reduces bad body smell, improves movements, tones the muscles etc.

Kati Vasti

Kativasti is lumbar treatment or low back therapy. It pacifies vata dosha and reduces pain and inflammation. It improves blood circulation and removes muscle spasm around the lumbosacral area.

Greeva vasti

Greeva vasti is neck bathing with medicated oil to relieve stress, nerve congestion and rejuvenates them. The treatment improves smooth movement by increased circulation around the shoulder and neck area.


Januvasti is the treatment given to knee joints in which knees are batched in medicated oil. It helps to reduce knee pain by restoring the lubricating fluid that is involved in the knee movement. The treatment helps in removing the joint stiffness and protects the knee from age related issues.


This is the treatment caused due to imbalance of Vata. It is a treatment performed for various conditions in chest area, lungs and heart

Panchakarma Treatment in Dubai


Nasyam is a treatment used for head purification and clear nasal passages. It is best in eliminating migraines, headaches, and Sinusitis.


Thalam aims at applying a herbal paste on the head and pouring medicated oil onto the forehead. This is one of the effective remedies in treating all nervous system issues and mental disorders. It is used to improve vision and nourish the mind.


Lepam is a skincare treatment which treats skincare issues of any types. It is anti-inflammatory and helps in providing pain relief due to swelling of the affected area.


This is a therapeutic treatment that helps in improving immunity. It treats rheumatoid arthritis, neurological ailments, paralysis etc. It is quite beneficial for the heart as it reduces blood pressure too.


It is also known as Shirolepa and involves high medicinal valued products. The scalp will be completely covered with the medicine which helps in penetrating and nourishing the central nervous system and the brain.

Netra Tharpanam

Netra Tharpanam is a rejuvenating ayurvedic treatment for our eyes. For strengthening the optical nerves, prevent cataract and provide a cooling effect to the eyes, pure and medicated ghee is applied on the eyes. This strengthens eye muscles, reduces burning sensations in eyes and relieves dry eye syndromes.

Njavara kizhi

It is also known as pinda swedam. Njavara is a type of rice grown in Kerala and has good medicinal properties. The treatment makes the body smooth and reduces the stiffness. It calms your mind and gives you good sleep. It boosts immunity and helps in anti aging. It enhances skin texture.

Anjanam & Aschothanam

This is a treatment for the eyes that uses eye ointments to improve vision and prevent eye diseases. It helps to remove itching, foreign bodies and burning sensation on the eyes.


This is a treatment to cleanse the ear by removing chronic pain if any. It helps in improving hearing, removes wax, dirt, strengthens ear bones, prevents neck stiffness, calms the mind, relieves vertigo and ear aches.


Panchakarma treatment in Dubai is a detox process that flushes all toxins from your body. It consists of five treatment procedures that involve getting rid of unwanted waste from your body and lubricating it. They are Vaman (vomiting), Virechan (purgation), Basti (enema), Nasya (nasal application), and Rakthamoksha (blood purification). The steps include Poorva Karma, Pradhan Karma, and Paschaat Karma.

Panchakarma is an absolutely safe procedure. However, it will only be approved based on the person’s age, digestive strength, immune strength, and doshic imbalances. Note that pregnant women, and people who are above 75 years of age may not be eligible for Panchakarma.

Panchakarma treatment in Dubai is good for alleviating any health disease but also for maintaining excellent health. It will clean the body and improve digestion.

The comprehensive and effective treatment of the Panchakarma program will take 28 days. There are certain special dietary restrictions that you must follow. If you do not have the strength to do it, you should not undertake this program.

As mentioned above, Panchakarma involves vomiting and purgation. If you are not comfortable with these rituals, you should not do Panchakarma.

There are many benefits of Panchakarma treatment in Dubai which include flushing out toxins, boost up the metabolism, reducing weight, purifying the body, relaxing the mind and body, and much more. We offer the top panchakarma treatment in Dubai that can help you in relaxing and strengthen the mind and body.

The dietary restrictions and the treatment of Panchakarma can help you shed some pounds. However, you can join our slim package wellness program to avail yourself of our complete benefits.

To get the best results of Panchakarma, you can do it 3-4 times a year as per the season. Different seasons give you different benefits as each season is also a time period for detoxification and rejuvenation.


Some of the common side effects of Panchakarma treatment in Dubai include headache, congestion, fatigue, malaise, etc. However, they will fade away after the initial stage. This is due to the process of Panchakarma.